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Mensagem por Admin em Qui Mar 22, 2012 3:43 pm

Note: This forum is for professionals only bold and fearless, and our employee will be entitled to VIP visits and MSN online chat on defects and instruction in the use of software courses online listing of your company for free on our forum, and other maintenance tips for Nextel and BlackBerry.

Welcome to our community IdenTool.

Carefully read the rules below;

Paragraph one

It is expressly forbidden to solicit information from other technology.

1 - The use of words that are likely to offend other people, such as words, sayings, jokes that have biased content that offends race, color or religion, ideology;

2 - We would like to point out that a question has never shown a sign of ignorance. Nobody is born knowing ...

3 - The sale, lease, trade and distribution of pirated material, illegally copied and / or license / use limitation cracked. Also prohibited is the distribution, exchange and dissemination of programs crackers, serial numbers, sites with such materials and everything else that is related to the breach of copyright, when they come to exist;

4 - It is forbidden any kind of apology for crime, Drink, Smoke, Vices of addiction, drugs, etc..

5 - There should not be repeated messages, tips, questions or any other "posts" at the Forum, except notices of Administration / Moderation, due to such reasons:

5.a) visual pollution of the Forum;
5.b) Repetition and monotony of the problems and the content of the Forum;

6 - When you post a message, and especially tip, question, observe the following rules (failure to follow them could cause, among other things, the closing of the post and / or deletion of the same):
6.a) To verify if this issue has not been resolved in another topic (using the existing search tool in the Forum);
6b) Do not write in CAPITALS title, because the international rules "rules of Internet etiquette," such action is understood as a cry, and our community, such an attitude is rejected;
6.c) Write the title of clear and objective manner, always first model of the device and then the defect or question, which clearly demonstrates your problem.Expressions such as "URGENT", "SOCORRO", "HELP", "I'M DESPERATE" do not help, much less expedite the solution to your problems.
6.d) Attention in what area of the forum you are posting your message. Ask about Cell Phones MOTOROLA, for example, in the area of NOKIA Mobile will not be a good idea because not only can cause delay in reading by experts in MOTOROLA phones, there will need to move the post by the team of Moderation / Administration Forum;
6.e) If the post is some hint matter taken from another forum or any other site, conspicuously placed, references (where link was removed) and author's name. Preferably, put all the news and / or tip in the post, not just the link to it, because in case of withdrawal of air from the original site, we only have a title and a broken link in this post;

7 - Any failure to "TERMS OF USE" this forum, and requires the immediate suspension or expulsion (s) Member (s), without prior notice;

8 - Other omissions to these rules shall be decided by the Administrators and Moderators.

imei and serial
Editing (Change, Change, Repair) and the IMEI / ESN or can only be performed after the explicit written authorization of the customer owns the mobile handset, with the presentation of the invoice to purchase the mobile handset, duly completed with your data personal. This authorization will give you the right to rewrite the IMEI and / or ESN that, by chance, has been damaged by technical defects, precluding the use of the equipment. This service will be done on an maintenance. All data and IMEI / ESN or should be rewritten in its entirety and can not be tampered with or modified in even a single digit. Otherwise, you will be violating the laws of Brazil.

Credits and cellcenter.com.br silvio eil with small change of
Antonio Carlos

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